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Persistent UTI may point to bladder cancer – study

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24.Jun, 2017 0 Actos

Persistent UTI may point to bladder cancer – study

A recent study suggests persistent urinary tract infection (UTI) could actually be an indicator of bladder cancer, Medscape reported on May 21.

A study involving data analysis of 9,326 men and 2,869 women who were diagnosed with either a urinary tract infection (UTI) or hematuria (blood in urine) before being diagnosed with bladder cancer revealed that men and women with persistent UTI’s may actually be experiencing a delayed bladder cancer diagnosis. The delay, unfortunately, could result in a worsened health condition.

Researchers believe that UTI-like symptoms among men and women are more likely to be mistakenly associated with UTI instead of bladder cancer. Also, delayed bladder cancer diagnosis is more frequent in women because, unlike men, they tend to visit their OBGYN first before seeing a urologist.

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